Are Coupon Parties the New Tupperware Parties?


 tupperware party

You may remember when you were growing up, your mother or other women in your life held parties, back then it was likely that the Tupperware party was the most popular.

These days there are parties for everything from makeover parties to jewelry parties there is no shortage of party ideas. One type of party that is relatively new to the scene takes the idea of holding a party but rather then spending money you learn how to save money.  In today’s economy the practice of saving money has become an art form. Coupon collection is on of these money saving practices. Continue reading

Teachers Have To Motivate Themselves, Too


teacher in classroom

There is a great deal of excitement about the teaching field these days. Education is creating jobs and attracting many applicants who often go back to school to receive their teaching degree (perhaps choosing to do an online teaching degree) and certification. However, teaching has a high turnover rate. Many professional careers in teaching last just a few years or less.

Perhaps the greatest cause for this alarming rate of turnover is the failure to motivate teachers to stay in the field. Low pay is one excuse for teachers to leave the field but many others are dispirited by classroom discipline issues or conflicts with administration.  While it is clear that some improvements could be made in the structure of the educational field in order to retain more teachers, it is also obvious that teachers have to motivate themselves, too. Continue reading

Health Benefits of Eating Emu


The Health Benefits of Eating Emu

health benefits of emu

These days, plenty of people are looking for ways to fine-tune their diets, in order to maximize their health and longevity. This emphasis on healthy eating has led many health-conscious eaters to look beyond beef, when choosing a red meat to serve at the dinner table.

But, what else is there? To those raised on a typical American diet, beef might seem like the only red meat. However, some healthy eaters are discovering that the health benefits and mild flavor of emu meat make it a great alternative.

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Profile on Leptin: the Fat Hormone, Part 2


Profile on Leptin: the Fat Hormone Part 2

Leptin: the Fat Hormone

In part one of this article, we discussed the role of hormones in every physiological process in the human body. We talked about the role played by Insulin in determining whether energy from food was burned immediately, or stored for future use. But this article is, after all, about the hormone leptin, so…

How Does Leptin Work in the Body?

At this point, you might be wondering what all of this has to do with leptin. Well, leptin plays a big role in fat storage, and appetite regulation, as well. As leptin is a relatively recent discovery, researchers are still learning about exactly how it functions. Here are some of the things they have discovered so far:

First, it has been shown that leptin blocks appetite-stimulating hormones, such as AgRP, Neuropeptide Y, and ghrelin. These hormones put us in feast mode, making us eat more, and move less, in order to stockpile energy for the lean times our body thinks may lie ahead.

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Profile on Leptin: the Fat Hormone, Part 1


All About Leptin: the Fat Hormone

Leptin: the Fat Hormone

Hormones carry instructions from the endocrine system to cells in the body. There are approximately 50 hormones at work in the human body.

Hormones regulate nearly all of our physiological processes. Metabolic rates, muscle growth, heart rate, sexual desire, sleep patterns, and menstrual cycles are all influenced by the endocrine system. Some hormones are compatible with a wide variety of cells, and others only affect very specific cells or tissues.

Hormones travel through the body until they reach a target cell, then bind with the protein receptors inside the cell, which read the information contained in the hormone, and enacts the hormone’s instructions.

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Community and Bring-a-friend Day at CrossFit SW


Portland: CrossFit SW Profile

CrossFit SW Portland

Most Paleo enthusiasts are well-aware of the benefits of CrossFit exercising and how it goes hand in hand with a high-protein, low-carb diet. Unlike the typical machines you see in an average gym, CrossFit “boxes” feature an open floor of ropes, pull-up racks, and rings hanging from the ceiling. It is a fitness program that combines the best of every sport into a comprehensive workout.

Steve Weiland, certified CrossFit trainer, power lifter and Olympic lifting trainer, and his wife, Shannon Weiland, own and operate CrossFit SW Portland. They can scale any workout to an individual’s level. Each class consists of a warm-up, mobility, skill training, and a workout of the day, followed by a stretch and cool down. Continue reading