Another Paleo Food Truck Pops up: This Time in Boise


Paleo Style Casual Dining Creeps Further West…

Paleo Shack Food Truck

Paleo Shack Food Truck in Boise

In a city like Portland, the whole concept of the food truck is nothing new — in fact, there are probably just as many of them in this fair city as there are restaurants at this point, with new “pods” popping up every week, it seems. With the sunny summer weather in full swing, you see a lot of food trucks. But is the rest of the country catching on?

Apparently, it is. This is now the second post on a paleo food truck that we’ve debuted on the blog in as many weeks. It does make a ton of sense, when you think about it. Throw down some lightly sauteed or steamed greens like chard or kale, layer on top a nice choice protein like grass fed beef or free range chicken or fresh caught fish, and then cover it in a bit of well-made, paleo-friendly sauce, and there you have it. How easy is that to prepare inside of a food cart?

It must be easy, because the paleo trucks, the paleo trucks, they are a-comin’. Check out the newest one from Boise, the Paleo Shack.

Paleo Shack Food Cart in Boise, Idaho

According to the story in the Boise Weekly on the Paleo Shack, “Food truck fans tired of sliders and fried spuds now have a healthier option. Today, the Paleo Shack will cart its mostly organic lean meats and local veggies to the first anniversary of the Food Truck Rally, which takes place from 4-10 p.m. at 321 Grove St.”

Paleo Shack co-owners Brandon Rogers and John Tansey ultimately have their sights set on running no less than 3 kiosk-style Paleo Shack locations around the Treasure Valley, and then hope to expand into California next.

Do you have plans to open up a food cart that sells Paleo-friendly cuisine? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

[Photo Via: Paleo Shack]

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