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How Is Tequila Anti-Flammatory?


If You Have to Drink, Then Tequila May Be Your Best Bet

Silver Tequila Gran PatronSome readers will have heard the news, still barely a whisper at this point, that Tequila has been reported to have certain health benefits. There is some research purporting that tequila can stimulate the circulatory system and is considered to be an anti-inflammatory, as well — and when mixed with limes or other citrus, as in a margarita, then of course — we’re looking at taking in some Vitamin C, too. But is Tequila actually healthy for you?

On the Paleo diet, considering tequila is not a grain alcohol like most bottles and beers, there is an obvious positive quality to the spirit. Further, consuming alcohol in moderation is always your best bet, diet or no diet. Part of the extended benefit of an alcohol like Tequila comes with the potential things it can be mixed with. The popularity of habanero or jalapeno-infused tequila adds a further health spike, and for similar reasons to those already accounted for by the presence of the agave. Jalapenos and other spicy peppers have the ability to deliver more than mere spice: it’s those wonderful little anti-inflammatory carotenoids that give the pepper its bright red skin in the first place.

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