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Steve’s Original Paleo Kits


A Paleo Snacking Company With a Great Story

Steves Original Paleo Kits
Snacking and dieting do NOT tend to go hand in hand, but fitness and Paleo often do. So what is a health nut exercise fanatic supposed to do? If you’re on the go, constantly burning calories, then you know just as well as we do that you’re perpetually hungry. And snacking in the traditional sense — chips, crackers, etc. — that won’t fly when you’re eating a Paleo diet. Sure, seeds and nuts, but sometimes that can get pricy, or buying in bulk to reduce costs means there’s a ton of snack food all over the house at all times.

Enter into the picture the concept of Paleo Snack Kits, and then in your imagination, call up an image of Steve to stand in for Paleo Snacking done right. According to the Steve’s Original site, “Paleokits are my flagship Original. A tasty medley of beef jerky, raw macadamias, almonds, pecans and dried fruits, my kits are perfect for people on the go. And man they are good—but not as good as the story of how they came to be.”

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