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More News on the Anti-Obesity Front This Week


Two Articles on Obesity Efforts Make the Papers

Coca-Cola Logo

Our commitment to better dieting, more conscious living, and a thoughtful investigation into what causes obesity brings two new pieces of news from about the web, and around the world. A press release issued today in the UK by the Health Secretary goes a long way to proving the commitment of the food industry, when it comes to reducing calories in their food products.

However, all is not well, and the whole thing seems to have some glaring omissions, as we read in the second article. Though the Health Secretary’s announced commitment launches an effort that does include supermarkets and some food producers, including Coca-Cola and others, it seems that the country’s fast-food chain restaurants, including McDonald’s, have been spared.

From Bloomberg: “Tesco, Coca-Cola Pledge to Cut Calories in Obesity Fight,” by Emma Charlton on March 24, 2011. Continue reading