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Paleo Diet and Olive Oil


Dealing With the Olive Oil Issue When You’re Paleo Dieting

olive oil and paleo dieting

On our last post, we mentioned olive, specifically olive oil, and a reader posted a comment regarding the use of olive oil when cooking for a paleo diet, noting that recent information had concluded this was a no no. So we dug a little deeper, and have some info to present, amending or adding to our last post. Thanks for reading, and know that we greatly appreciate everything our readers have to say and offer to this community! Onward…

So what’s the rub with olive oil? After all, it is a vegetable oil, so what could be wrong with it? Well, in terms of what it contains, it’s mostly monounsaturated, which ranks it as a fat source to be considered relatively healthy and safe. But the problem arrives when you cook with it, because it burns too easily, creating an oxidation effect. Instead, paleo experts recommend using it without heating it, as in salad dressing or as an additive to foods that are already cooked. So generally speaking, olive oil that is not cooked offers some pretty solid benefits health-wise. Continue reading